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The journey is about encounters, desires, discoveryitalic,
It’s not enough to visit a place to get to know it all: you have to live it.
B&B Sant’Agostino guides you on this journey to discover the most beautiful and fascinating places in Palermo,
to immerse you in the culture of the place through authentic and surprising experiences.

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Boat tours in Palermo

A striking day along the Palermo coast

Imagine spending a whole day relaxing and discovering the Gulf of Palermo and its fascinating little ports.

You have the opportunity to live a really wonderful experience on board a boat, from which you can enjoy an enchanting view of the most beautiful beaches and coasts of Palermo.

Our tour includes an excursion by catamaran or sailing boat along the beautiful coast of Palermo, departing from the Cala – the enchanting port of Palermo that today hosts thousands of tourists during the summer season – and dock in the famous bay of Mondello.

Departure is scheduled between 9:00am and 10:00am, returns late in the afternoon. During the boat tour in Palermo, you will discover the most beautiful seaside resorts and the charm of the villas that overlook the coast of Palermo: from the ancient port of Arenella, where there was the beautiful Florio’s tuna fishery, to the picturesque seaside village of Virgin Mary with the Bordonaro tuna. fishery.

Furthermore, if you wish, you can request the presence of a professional chef to enjoy an unforgettable lunch directly on board the boat.

Cooking class

A journey of taste together with the chef

Among the cries of the merchants, the intense scents of raw materials displayed on the stalls and the bright colors of the Food Market of the Cape, we will guide you in an itinerary of taste among the ancient flavors of the city of Palermo.

Staying at B&B Sant’Agostino you can have an authentic experience walking in the ancient district of the Capo together with a professional chef, who will accompany you in this gastronomic itinerary to choose the best ingredients with which to create the tastiest traditional dishes.

After the tour at the Cape Market, lasting 30/60 minutes, an explosive cooking class awaits you, with anecdotes and stories about typical recipes. You will discover the pleasure of enjoying the delicious lunch prepared by the chef and sharing it, in a cheerful and carefree atmosphere, with the other guests of the structure in the large hall or on the terrace of the B&B Sant’Agostino.

Here, tradition, creativity and conviviality come together to offer you an unforgettable taste experience.

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Guided city tour

A walk to discover Palermo

You can stay in the heart of the Qanāt city and get lost in the alleys of the Arab-Norman route. From the B&B Sant’Agostino you can easily reach monuments and places of millenary charm, where different architectural styles are mixed, from Arabic domes to Byzantine mosaics.

Our guide will accompany you through the scents and the thousand colours of the historicmarket of the Cape, to discover the legends that still hover between the tunnels of the caves of the Blessed Pauls. Between a stop in front of the majestic Teatro Massimo, one of the largest in Europe, and one inside the Duomo, the splendid gothic and baroque cathedral, you will find yourself in the centre of the octagon of the sun, where the four historic districts between Corso Vittorio and Via Maqueda meet.

Our guidedtour in the historical center of Palermo starts at 10:00am and lasts about 3 hours. Our guides speak several languages, including Italian, English, French, Spanish, Dutch and French. Do not miss the opportunity to stay close to the main places of interest and discover the historical and artistic beauties of the city of Palermo.

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